May 8, 2006

Have $500 Laying Around?

If you do, you can get yourself a brand new Playstation 3 when it launches on November 17, 2006 in North America ($549 in Canada). If you have an extra $100, you can get one with a 60 GB HDD (the standard one comes with a 20 GB HD). That's $110 extra in Canada.

So, what do you get with that uberhigh console?

Well, here's the skinny:

- Blu-Ray straight out the box (of course, it'll help if you have an HDTV to play them on)

- Able to play on traditional televisions.

- Plays ALL generations of Playstation games (PS1, PS2, and, of course, PS3).

- Maximum heat and noise reduction has been achieved with a noise level equivalent to that of the current slim-line PlayStation 2.

- Rich, Cortithian leather, I mean, "clear black" casing.

- The new PlayStation 3 controller, a touch-sensitive, high-precision system using Bluetooth wireless technology

Now, you'll just have to find the killer app that'll make you want to put down this kind of coinage. I'm not just talking about a really, really good game, I mean something that'll make me want a PS3 yesterday. As for me, I think I'll wait until 2008 before I can get one.

Ah, I love this season. The season of E3, a glimpse of things to come and things to drool over encased in a polygonal display of euphoria and smoke and mirrors. It begins in the morning, so watch the net.


Melon which rhymes with said...

Some people are really mad that the controller is motion sensitive kind of like the Nintendo's Wii. I'm a little disapointed the controller looks almost identical to the current controller.

The graphics looks great from the screenshots I've seen, but the price and the lack of rumble on the controller may make sales not that great.

All I know is I'm buying Nintendo's console because it is cheaper and looks like a nunchuck :P

Jeff I love the new redesign of the blog ^^

jh said...

You know, I didn't give the Wii a fair shot at first myself. Probably because I'm so into my PS2. Granted, I'm not really a gamer (I primarily use it as a DVD player), but the games I do have are awesome.

However, the $500 and $600 models of the PS3 are troubling to folks who have limited funds like myself. And that's without a game (though they're still backwards compatible). Perhaps Sony just abandoned those that made them big in favor of those with a little more coinage in their accounts. In other words, folks who aren't me. I'll wait until 2008. Maybe all the bugs will be out by then, and hopefully for a cheaper price.

Best case scenario, that price will extend the life of the PS2 for a good three-four more years.

I'll probably end up getting the Wii. I think I'm long overdue for a new Nintendo since I haven't gotten one since the Game Boy Color (told you I'm not a gamer). And the Gamecube, N64, and Super Nintendo didn't impress me much back in the day.