Feb 24, 2008

The Rat Cook Won *YAWN* and One Thought

Now that Ratatouille won every animated best picture award it was nominated for, for the love of God, can we please, please, PLEASE stop talking about it? I swear, it's bad enough people treat it like it was the only animated movie that came out last year, but I don't think it deserved to win EVERY animated award out there for film.

Still, congratulations Brad Bird and PIXAR on making a fine film. Not the greatest film ever made, mind you, but a fine film nonetheless.

That said, I do have a thought.

Why ISN'T there categories for best actor and actress in an animated film? I know I've talked about that in the past, but you see all these praise for Ratatouille and the writers and animators and such, but you rarely see praise or even acknowledgement for the vocal talents in animated productions aside from the Annies. The vocal talents on any animated production are just one of the five core components in any production (plot/story/dialogue, design, animation, and music are the others).

Don't believe me?

Watch any Bugs Bunny short with the audio muted and captions off. I dare you!

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Melon which rhymes with said...

I'm pretty bummed Persepolis didn't win. I sometimes wonder if they actually watched all nominees in the category before voting.

Animated shorts was surprising. Peter and the Wolf was a bit long. It was a good year when there was no front runner in the category.

It's funny the first time I noticed the importance of vocal talent was when watching "Batman Begins." The ADR or line delivery in that film was terrible. Bale is a fine actor. It's just he kept making this grunting noise while being serious lol.

There are a lot of categories that needs awards, but the Oscars really only care about the glamour.