Aug 11, 2009

Electric Hatred (or If You're Not Hated, You Aren't Doing It Right)

Over on my real site, I talked about how individuals could buy 4Kids Entertainment (who very briefly said that a sale of some kind is in the works this week). Obviously, it hit a nerve with some people. Not because I had made a few suggestions of who should buy it, but rather, heaven forbid, I gave an opinion. Not a negative, evil opinion, but an opinion. It's kind of funny really because when I write, I kind of do it for my amusement.

Yes, I appreciate the readers, the attention, and the admiration of those that found a connection with my words, even if it's for a brief second. But I do what I do because I like to do it. I'm not trying to create any strife or discord, and I don't pollute it with hateful, narrowminded, malicious, and often times libelous statements like this guy does. Every so often I see this one guy's site (I won't link to it because it's terrible), this one insignificant, moronic, insipid little guy that hasn't done anything with their life but get their jollies from hating my very existence, write, if you want to call his scrawlings writing, articles to pretty much libel me and everything I stand for. At least I used to think that's why this boil did it. Now, I think it's because he gets satisfaction and pleasure just from disagreeing with me on anything I write. I say I loathe 4Kids, he loves them. I say I like Cartoon Network (which I don't, at least not these days), he'll say he hates them and anyone who talks positively about them. I say the sky is blue, he'll say it's a lighter shade of purple.

It's a little petty and a little sad as well. I know I've probably given him fodder for tomorrow's rant of the day, but I've realized something. This little maroon that hates my very existence needs me to inspire him to hate. In essence, he's not a bad guy, just misguided, misinformed, self-hating, and lacking focus. I try to befriend him, but I've learned that you can't guide a guy like that. When I'm not around, he tends to ramble on about leaving, and when I come back, so does he. The timing is almost impeccable.

And laughable. I don't and can't hate him, but I do know that he has issues. But still, it reminds me of a song I heard Shelley Duvall sang in live-action version of Popeye. It's a good song, and I just saw a pretty damned good video set to images of The Joker and Harley Quinn. I don't think he like me like Harley loves her puddin', but often times. But I wonder. Just kidding. He's a good sport, and I wish him luck in whatever he's doing over there. Just don't drag me down with ya.

In the meantime, enjoy!

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E.A. said...

These things are strange relationships, and often dysfunctional.

There are only two ways you can treat me. Good. Or bad. I'll be obvious if one falls into either camp.

So that's why I say Jeff, good on you for calling out the moron who sees fit to behave the schizo way he does just because these are dar intarwebs and they ain't seein' him. Just because we can't see this annoyance doesn't make him any less annoying!

Keep on keepin' on, Jeff.