Jan 28, 2010

Great Website… or the Greatest Website? #1 - 11 Points

It's a deviation of sorts. A new feature showcasing sites I think are pretty damn good. These are sites that you should check out by folks I don't consider friends or online acquaintances (yet).

First up, 11 Points.

What is 11 Points? It's a site created by Sam Greenspan, one of the masterminds behind Panda Smash. Never been there because I'm one of the nine people on Earth still using dial-up internet access. Thankfully, 11 Points doesn't blow out my modem, but it does blow my mind. He's one of those children of the '80s. You know, the generation that keeps Nintendo in business, spent a lot of time watching television, experienced a time when MTV actually showed wall-to-wall videos (not to mentioned respected and feared for doing so), slapped fabric-wrapped metal across our wrists, and are the demographic the entertainment industry is trying to cater to (we're the reason Transformers 2 and GI Joe came out last year; sorry about that). Sam's one of the few to leave the decade unscathed, recognizes the ridiculousness of that and the subsequent decades, and writes 11 points about a particular pop cultural subject.

Why 11 points? Because Letterman's the only guy to do Top Ten lists any justice and, as Sam says, top 10 lists are for cowards.

With that in mind, 11 Reasons Why You Should Check Out 11 Points Right Now:

1. If you know the significance of 007-373-5963, this is a site for you.

2. If you understand the dirty joke in the title Sneed's Feed and Seed (formerly Chuck's), this will become your favorite website.

3. If you regularly post on Yahoo! Answers, you will be rightfully mocked by this site.

4. If you are a child of the '80s but managed to grow up appreciating (and mocking) the previous decade, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

5. If you need a reason to understand why The Simpsons is the greatest animated sitcom ever made (or a refresher course on why it's better than 75% of the shows on the air or have ever aired), please read and respect the site.

6. If you ever wanted to know what the first image on the internet was (as well as a picture of said image) along with other internet firsts (including a link to the first website), this is the place for you.

7. If you wanted to see the winner of a high-profile NFL game determined by pitting the mascots against each other, a thirsty dog, Madden NFL and Tecmo Super Bowl simulations, and internet chatter, you must make this site a pregame ritual.

8. If you ever wondered what Back to the Future Part II accurately predicted (or, if you're pessimistic, abysmally missed the ball on), then there are two articles you must see only on this site.

9. If you want a first-hand look at the unoriginality of Hollywood movies, well, you know what you have to do.

10. If you want to understand the ridiculousness of the music industry by an observer and a fan, you are the audience the site is aimed towards.

11. If you haven't checked it out, what the heck are your waiting for? Mattel to release the Hoverboard in five years?

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