Feb 22, 2007

The Duelity of Life

We know our time is not promised on this world, which is why we live each day like it's our last.

We were born under a strange moon in a world that now knows nothing but fear and uncertainty. We learned early in our lives that a world without hope is a world that will not last. Quite frankly, we're pretty used to this world of ours, so we have to reclaim it from those that inspire fear and uncertainty, the evil in our world.

When we fall, we fall face first, enjoying the breeze, and reveling in the fact that this is not the end of anything, but rather, a time to just relax. We fall at incredible speeds from heights once thought unimaginable by man, and though people tell us we shouldn't, we do. When we fall, we display nor have no fear.

If you accept fear into your lives, then you die.

We know our time is not promised on this world, which is why we live each day like it's our last.

We're just doing it wearing a black and white mask.


Feb 20, 2007

XM and Sirius Merging?

Isn't this kind of illegal? I mean, there are only two subscription-based satellite radio services in the US, and the fact that they're merging may be a boon for the industry or a sign of media consolidation run amok yet again.

Oh, I know the Time Warner blokes wish that Levin and Case never embraced with a hug on a public stage.

I mean, if XM and Sirius merged, what's next? Will we expect Pepsico and The Coca-Cola Company making a similar stock-swap deal to form the world's biggest soft-drink company and stripping certain brands while keeping others? How about MTV and MuchMusic burying the hatchet and actually getting along creating a global music network?

As the gas and airline companies proved, consolidation in a single industry is never a good thing, and I fear that if XM and Sirius's merger becomes a reality, what will happen?

It doesn't matter to me, I don't really listen to much radio (terrestrial or satellite) these days anyway. Much of the scat that's on the airwaves, whether it's the smug blowhards on those talk radio stations or those stations that play edited, preselected, mandatory music without much heart and soul, warps the mind.

Then again, so does television, but, that's a conversation for another time.

Feb 3, 2007

Tears of The Wingless Angel

The world doesn't need people like me anymore.

At least, that what it seems like.

The world doesn't need guys that care too much nor people who are, to say the least, well-versed. The world looks at guys like me as weak, unimportant, and unnecessary. To care about anything shows weakness, so you have to be coldhearted to survive in this world, and I can't be that way.

I walk this world alone. No friends, no distractions. No anything. I hurt from loneliness, and I'm just looking to be loved, or something. I follow the same coda every single day and get no respect nor love from anybody. People like what I have to have to say, but they don't really care about the messenger. They nod and feel happy about themselves, but they move on with their lives and only see me as a weekly distration from reality.

At times, people take advantage of me, and they don't care about my feelings. I'm just there. There's a person behind these words.

My birthday came and went. Perhaps I'm just too old to matter anymore or something.

Last weekend, I've been in pain and I grew tired. I hurt so bad.

Life is frustrating to me, doing the same old thing, going the same old places week after week. I would cry, but I ran out of tears eight years ago. Life is too fragile, but I can't give up.

Perhaps, the flame within me will burn brightly, inspiring me to fly higher than I could even imagine. Perhaps the destiny I'm supposed to live will finally become a reality. Until then, I look on at these charred surroundings of mine and wonder what tomorrow will bring.