Sep 30, 2007

On Retainer and Still Animated (Unlike A Certain Network)

Still around.

Been working for a living. Apparently, I'm on retainer as a web designer for this photography site. I designed the look and feel of the site. Got paid a small amount (which everybody tells me), but on the bright side, I'll get paid for my future services for the forthcoming months. It's four figures per assignment, so needless to say, it's a job.

I'm also working on the four IK Comics titles. Since I finally got a scanner, now I could post images here and there. Right now, a couple of teaser images are at my deviantART page. It's so fun.

Also, it's been five years since I've been thrashing Cartoon Network. Five glorious years after being such a yes-man for an entity that has, more or less, acknowledged my works and existance but wants absolutely nothing to do with me. That whole (twice) failed network in the UK was probably the last straw, and I began looking closely at them and criticizing them more openly ever since. Criticizing CN before it became vogue. What fun.

Now, Network is turning 15 in a few hours. Notice I didn't say celebrating because, in case you didn't hear, they're premiering reruns of a 10-year old show responsible for influencing the current television ratings system into existing (seriously, the intitial airings had a disclaimer saying the show is GB-7 a few years before the TV-Y7 was even thought of) in primetime and planning a 20-hour marathon later in October. So, for 20 hours in one weekend, no animation will be seen at all on Cartoon Network.

Yup, tis a golden age we're living in. An age where people are opening up about their feelings about Checkerboard. For the first time in ages, anime fans, classic animation fans, cartoon fans, and adult animation fans are united in their disdain towards one outlet. The network doesn't care, but perhaps a rising should begin.

And in the end, there should be a bloodbath in its wake. Not one or two people losing their high positions, but truckloads of people should go.

Enough of that. I'm still around, but not as much as I'd like to be.