Apr 13, 2009

Like-Minded and Awesome By Default

About a decade ago, I met my friend Jon over the internet. We're like-minded individuals and worked together on many occasions, essentially molding our combined talents as well as finding other like-minded individuals like Mark, Brady, Ryan, Tyler, and Cody, to create the Toonami Inner Circle Alliance. Jon's contributions to the Circle were the Toonami Directory, Toonami Radio (which transformed into Hub Radio Networks and evolved into Toon Radio), and Moltar's Hub, a fun hangout for other like-minded individuals.

Well, Jon and other like-minded individuals created a website to essentially entertain, enlighten, and educate folks on the things we love, like, and loathe in this world. This site is Awesome By Default. Truth in naming, my friends. And Jon offered me a chance to contribute an article on the site. You think I'm going to say no?

So, here's my first article for Awesome By Default. It's a commentary of sorts about the live-action agenda Cartoon Network is hellbent on enforcing to the kids of America from Cartoon Network Fridays to CN Real. And while you're at it, check out the rest of the site. Fun stuff.

Don't worry. I'll still be here as well as The X Bridge. I'm just having fun everywhere I go.


E.A. said...

Just read your article on Awesome by Default, and think it's terrific.

The more you have fun writing, the more we have fun reading. The animation community, in its entire, benefits.

Ash said...

It's good to hear your still kicking Nem. :) Hope you're doing well; Glad to know you still remember Mark and me and the rest fondly.