Oct 21, 2005

Cable Operators: Drop G4

To every cable and satelite operator in the United States with the exception of Comcast who owns G4:

Hello. My name is, well, not important for the duration of this article. The reason why I'm writing this is because the cable industry has been duped and scammed. The network you originally signed to air on your cable lineups many years ago is no longer on the air. Neither TechTV, a technology-driven network with people who were experienced with the world of computers, technology, and all things tech-oriented, nor G4, a lesser-known but popular outlet that celebrated the gamer lifestyle, are on the air. After the supposed merger that developed after Comcast's G4 Media purchased TechTV for its extensive cable and satelite slots systemwide as well as for TechTV's popular X-Play series, something emerged, but not what was promised.

Instead of a technology/video game/geek culture-themed network, the industry got something different. Even the video game network rebranding of G4 isn't permanent. Now, the network currently known as G4 is changing into a network akin to SpikeTV, OLN, and MEN-TV. Another male-oriented network for immature men. The tech part of the network is all but gone from the network, largely limited to Call For Help in the morning, Brainiac, and a few segments on Attack of the Show. Now, it seems that the video-game aspect of the self-proclaimed Video Game Television is being pushed aside in favor of recent acquisitions like Formula D, Street Fury, Fastlane, and The Man Show.

In short, cable and satelite operators, G4, the network you spent millions of dollars to place on your lineup (whether you got it when it was called TechTV or before the merger), no longer exists. Instead of being an information outlet, it's becoming another testosterone-driven bacchinal. The nerds and geeks are being pushed aside for horny jocks. You've been duped by G4 Media and Comcast into thinking you're getting one kind of network when instead, you're getting another you didn't want.

So, as a favor to yourself as well as your subscribers, please drop G4 from your lineups. A number of cable operators are doing so at this time, so, please, do likewise. There are many other networks that are in the works that would serve the current and former audience of G4, so G4's deletion from your lineups won't be missed.

Drop G4. Now.


Kevin T. Rodriguez said...

Yes, I agree. G4 was never an excellent network, but it had the potential to work. Nowadays I swear all I see on the network are shows like "The Man Show" (a show that, speaking as a man, is not something I would be caught dead watching). Maybe I'll write a letter like this to my own cable operator.

Enoch Allen said...

I’ve always hated these so-called “men” networks, because these networks air heavily-censored content all-day long. Networks for “men” should stop being such pussies (sorry for the expletive) and give real men the real entertainment they were looking for. Not edited-for-content cuts of The Terminator or Demolition Man--the originals, only the originals, uncut and uncensored.

Uncut and uncensored, real programming for real men.

Emperor Fred said...

It's funny, I've actually really started to get into G4's programming lately (outside of Anime Unleashed) like Attack of the Show and X-Play, as I enjoy their geeky-but-accessible slant. I find it downright puzzling that they've begun picking up shows like Fastlane and The Man Show.

I don't mind a little variety on a network now and then, but it's becoming frighteningly clear that G4 is "pulling an MTV" and, like so many before, compromising their intended focus for ratings.

It's worth noting that the Canadian edition of G4 (which currently produces Call For Help and is still known as G4TechTV, I might add) doesn't run these non-tech/gaming shows as a condition of their broadcasting license. They can't even run Anime Unleashed (though they've been quite vocal about wanting to).

Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah, I often feel left out when a channel is aimed for men. Cartoons and games are all aimed towards men.

I admit I like G4 for the video game reviews and the fact Attack of the Show had a little segment on the blog "Drawn!" makes it not a total loss.

The Whip Set and Barbed Wire biscuit" screams I like to look at woman and beer on top of fast cars. Yikes.

You can have all the "man stuff" just as long once in a while they focus on woman for a second.