Dec 28, 2005

What A Welcome (and Yet Exhausting) Surprise

Christmas has come and gone for most of us (traditional Christmas is a little over a week away), but I did get a surprise from one of my relatives.

I received a newish computer. Not totally new, but new enough for me. It runs on Windows 98 with a 25 GB hard drive and a 1.7 GHz processor with space to expand and a 56K modem. A little prehistoric to some, but considering the fact that my last computer ran on Windows 95 with a 1 GB hard drive, a 120 MHz processor and a 28K modem, it's tantamount to me upgrading from a Model T to a '65 Mustang. The only problem I have is, well, all my old stuff is on the old gal, mostly my TXB stuff, a lot of great fonts, and a few major files. I had a problem with my floppy drive, and it corrupted every disc I had, which is why I rarely used it in the first place. So, I'm in an endless search for a way to bring to old familiar things in life to my newish funtastic machine. As a result, TXB won't be completely updated for another two or three weeks at minimum, but when it does, oh, what fun that'll be. If I don't get back online in the next couple of days, I hope you all have a safe and happy new year, and if the fates allow, we'll do it all again in '06.

Later, all.

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Duke said...

You could always take it to Best Buy or CompUSA or something. They should be able to take everything off your harddrive and burn it onto a CD-ROM or a DVD for you.