Mar 23, 2006

Fun With Anagrams #1

Did you know that the anagram for pornography is "horny pop rag"?

A little deviation from the norm here before I think of something new to write about is something I'm calling "Fun With Anagrams." It's a fun little mind game to see what kind of readers I have checking out the site. What are anagrams? Anagrams are words that, when letters are shifted, can become another word.

Kind of like how Bart is an anagram of "brat" or how Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who (as well as a darker spinoff coming soon).

Ahead are six different anagrams. This week's topic is network names. I'm sure you know I know cable and broadcast networks inside and out. Now, see what I can see, if only for a minute.

Play along. (I'll even give you a hint or two) No prize nor reward, just a bit of respect from me. It's not much, but it's worth something.

Let's play:

switcheroo twinkle event (clue: future smooshed channel, full name of channel, four words)

I, novelistic muse (clue: known by three letters, often deviates from the format, two words)

link code one (clue: this one's easy, they even used it on-air in a bright promotion, one word)

hobo coffee mix (clue: known by three letters, it's not really TV, three words)

atom ion (clue: well-known block, but not a channel stateside, one word)

sweet banker clown (clue: known by three letters, a somewhat respected info outlet, three words)

Chef Lennox Swan (clue: the more arrogant and uptight competitor to the Sweet Banker Clown, three words)

mango robe (clue: once a classic, now seen by a select few as a retirement home, one word)

mortal decency (clue: a lot funnier than its anagram, two words)

wise moth (clue: little-loved competitor of the hobo coffee mix, one word)

Duck logo (Good luck).


Duke said...

Lesse, here...

switcheroo twinkle event - No clue whatsoever.

I, novelistic muse - Music Television (MTV)

link code one - Nickelodeon

hobo coffee mix - Home Box Office (HBO)

atom ion - Toonami

sweet baker clown - Cable News Network (CNN)

Chef Lennox Swan - Fox News Channel

mango robe - Again, no clue. I'm stumped.

mortal decency - Comedy Central

wise moth - Showtime

Jorge Garrido said...

switcheroo twinkle event: The CW Television Network

Mango Robe: Boomerang

Jorge Garrido said...

Rot in a Jeff, a rig named Harris, Sirrah, de man giraffe janitor

My best palindrome for you, buddy.

Emperor Fred said...

Funny, the one you said was easy was the one that took me the longest to get. Though in retrospect I have no idea why I blanked on it.

And the first one was tricky - though once you eliminate the words "network" and "television", the rest solves itself.