Aug 23, 2007

Let Me See if I've Got This Straight

Cartoon Network is scheduling a live-action hour-long reality special during Toonami next Saturday. Right?

Toon Disney is premiering Superman and Batman on Jetix in October. Right?

Disney Channel's High School Musical 2 was the most watched program in the history of cable. Right?

Nickelodeon is actually getting a lot of press for next month's upcoming premiere of Avatar. Right?


Dear Cartoon Network:

You lose.

The Disney Channel.

Nickelodeon, Toon Disney, and the Unacknowledged.

Cartoon Network, Time-Warner's mistreatment of the network . . . you know something, I'm not even going to blame Time-Warner for Cartoon Network's lack of direction anymore. It was bad when Time-Warner didn't give a damn about Cartoon Network. Now that The Network doesn't give a damn about itself, why in the hell should I or anybody else?

As of this moment, I will no longer promote anything that airs or is a part of Cartoon Network in any shape or form. I won't plug anything on Toonami (I'll acknowledge the past on the site, but the present is of no importance to me anymore). Adult Swim isn't Cartoon Network, as The Network repeatedly tells us, so, they're not a part of my "ban." Cartoon Network has been a disappointment and will continue to be one for the forseeable future.

In the meantime, I'm just awaiting the day when we call can "be different."


Melon which rhymes with said...

It truly is just a "Network" or maybe it should just be called "Craptastic Reruns Network."

I remembered when CN studios opened, and they had a website with a site tour showing the layout and graffiti filled staircase. I wanted to work there.

What went wrong? I guess Tartokovsky fled just in time.

British Geezer said...

Why can't they just rename the network "Turner Kids?"

Or maybe something cool, like Razer.

Cartoon Network doesn't fit the bill anymore.