Feb 24, 2009

Six For The Swim

I get it now.

Adult Swim is going in a different direction than a lot of fans would want it. Just because they're going into that direction doesn't mean they should be going in the direction headfirst, blindfolded, and falling in the direction of jagged glass shards and rusted nails.

I do wish that Adult Swim wasn't the only avenue for the shows "we" want. Despite all their valiant moves to prove otherwise in recent years, they're still a part of Cartoon Network and are still largely handcuffed by the management of Cartoon Network, Turner, and Time Warner who largely sees Adult Swim as a diversion from their core mission of remaining third in the kid-vid market.

If I was a prospective media company with pocket change to spend like, say, NBC Universal, I'd create a 24-hour Adult Swim-like channel with animation, sitcoms, movies, etc. (reruns of Late Night with Conan O'Brien and SNL would be a killer app for the channel, especially since we'll never see them again otherwise)

But given they're going in a largely different direction in accordance with the largely different direction the mothership is taking, Adult Swim is becoming largely a comedic outlet and recently discovered an Anglophillic vibe about them, especially with recent pickups like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Look Around You, and The Mighty Boosh.

I know, I know some folks would rather see Japanese animated titles populate the block's lineup. I know I would rather see Bleach or Code Geiss than Assy McGee, Xavier: Renegade Angel, or Delocated, but since they want to go comedy/Britannia, then maybe they should consider these pick-ups. And The Simpsons is one of those shows I don't want to see on Adult Swim, but, that's another thread:

Duckman (CBS Paramount Television, 1994-1998, 70 Episodes, Animated):
Everett Peck's private dick/family man was Adult Swim before Adult Swim, and while the series was recently neutered in its most recent broadcast on Comedy Central almost five years ago, its uncut original form pushed the envelope. For those who've never seen it, it's if Quagmire was a detective.

Bromwell High (Hat Trick/Studio B, 2005, 13 Episodes, Animated):
Three troublemaking teenage girls attending a poorly mismanaged high school. Remember when South Park was South Park in that golden age before Trey and Matt became arrogant, smug sons of bastards thinking they're better than everybody? That's Bromwell in a nutshell. Not many people saw its BBC America run, which is a pity.

Sons of Butcher (S&S Productions, 2006-2007, 26 Episodes, Animated Hybrid):
The mothership has embraced Canadian animation, so why can't Adult Swim? This Detour-based series about wanna-be rockers has a huge following in the Great White North. Seriously, when the show was unceremoniously dropped by Teletoon, fans of the show sent meat in protest of the channel's decision. Raw, uncooked meat. Just saw a sampling of the series on You Tube, and the eight-minute piece of a 22-minute series blew away nearly every original production the block premiered in the last two years. Plus, come on . . . I want to see a Dethclock/Butcher band-off marathon one random night.

Sledge Hammer!(Starz Media, 1986-1988, 41 Episodes, Live-Action):
You will believe a man can love a gun. Okay, it's live-action, but it's 41 episodes of GOOD live-action. It's a brilliant satire about a cop who was a cross between Get Smart's Agent 86 and Dirty Harry busting bad guys with explosive results. Why Family Guy hasn't parodied it yet, I'll never know.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Warner Bros., 1993-1994, 27-28 Episodes, Live-Action):
Like Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop? Action, adventure, all things strange and unusual, and, most importantly, Bruce Campbell in his OTHER iconic role. Yeah, it's an hour-long series, but hey, if Adult Swim wants to air live-action, they have to get this show, especially to ease the geek quota.

The Goodies (BBC, 1970-1980; 67 episodes [one's missing]/ITV,6 episodes, Live-Action):
The group that inspired The Mighty Boosh had their own multi-episode series that is one of the UK's most popular and infamous comedy shows. Seriously, one episode of the series caused a guy to literally die laughing. They're not the Pythons, but they're mighty damned close.

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E.A. said...

Ever since you started updating this blog on a regular basis, I've been reading religiously.

But Jeff, how in the hell can you expect Adult Swim execs to be this smart with programming? I expect them to continue airing eps of the likes of Frisky Dingo and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (a show I've have never understood the appeal of). If it's cheap crap that can be made quickly, why change course?

I know, you were talking about acquisitions, and creative ones at that. But the key word here is creative, a virtue sorely lacking at the offices of CN HQ.