May 25, 2009

Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Redesigns

Washington. Lincoln. FDR. Reagan. Franklin.

If I had my way, those faces would be on the faces of the banknotes of the United States. The first President. The President who fought to keep the nation together. The President who brought hope to the hopeless. The President who thawed the Cold War. One of the major architects of this great nation. I blame the Dollar ReDeSign Project for inspiring me to do these redesigns in the first place.


Kevin T. Rodriguez said...

Well...those are great designs. I think those would make great currency.

Mark Lungo said...

I like the designs, but I have to admit something. I think Reagan was a bad president, the Soviet Union would have collapsed without him, and he doesn't deserve yet another honor.

Frederick said...

Nice work, Jeff! I always thought that keeping the green color was a rather pointless gesture, chalked up only to tradition.