Oct 6, 2009

Zero Dollars and No Sense

I've been writing on the internet for close to 12 years, either on Usenet, message boards, or my sites (and sites of my friends). You want to know how much money I've made for my articles over these dozen years?


That's zero dollars and no sense. In fact, I'm actually in the red by about $40. That's how much I paid for three years of my domain renewal and ICANN fees. Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, apparently the Federal Trade Commission said that effective on December 1, all bloggers/writers must disclose whether they're getting compensation (either monetary or products). I don't get any money from anybody. I did receive DVDs and books back when I was reviewing, but they were only 10% of what I reviewed. The other 90% I spent money on and reviewed of my own expense. I don't get review material anymore, and considering how expensive they are, I have to wait a long time before they become affordable. Again, I don't make an income from my sites.

I don't get anything for free these days. I've never gotten anything that was over $20 to make. No computers (I wish I had gotten a computer or any kind of electronic device). No televisions. Nothing valuable. Just a poor man and his words, which can cut like a brand new razor blade and hurt just the same if you're not careful.

That said, I'm glad I got that out of the way.

I haven't been updating Thoughtnami nor The X Bridge for a while because I'm actually looking for a job. I find myself a little dejected at times because there's nothing here for me. I've got a college diploma, and I can't do anything with it. It's depressing. It makes no sense at all. Also, when you spend a lot of time writing opinions that are mostly negative, it wears you out. I hate what Cartoon Network has become. I hate that the Japanese animation industry hasn't made a real, original hit with lasting power in over three years. I hate the fact that idiots are in control of the destinies of many.

But if I dwell on that negative feeling, it drains me. I'm sick of being sick. So, I'm stuck on creative mode. I'm being constructive rather than destructive. Does it mean I won't be writing a lot of commentaries? Probably. You'll see the occasional "rant and ramble" from yours truly. But it will probably be infrequently and when I want to. But right now, I don't want to. I've done that. I want to be creative and positive.

And I need to make sense out of all of this. Oh, and I need to make cents and dollars on the other side of the monitor.


Anonymous said...

Gurren Lagann two years ago proves that statement wrong.

There's been several other anime series that haven't been big influential hits but given better exposure could be. Michiko to Hatchin's probably my favorite out of recent series.

Silver Tomato Productions said...

You know, Jeff, you may have not made any money from this, but you've made me the thinker and the questioner that I am today, and while I'm sure it'd be nice to have some weight in your pocket, I hope this is some compensation.

Keep telivising your revolution.


E.A. said...

Zero dollars . . . but a wide circle of admirers and readers.

Yes, we all have to make money in our lives off the 'Net. But one thing I'm discovering recently is that what I've done on the web and what I'm doing in real life is starting to come together. I am meeting the people that I wrote about in years past, who I saw from afar and never thought I'd meet. And today, I'm meeting them and even am getting help from them.

It's hard for me to believe the same won't come to pass for you at some point, Jeff. You've given so much of yourself to us, and if no one beats me to the punch I will devote some of what I will ultimately have to making sure you have an improved platform to use in your editorializing, which I credit to having an enhanced understanding of animation over these very many years.