Jul 1, 2004

Happy Canada Day

Head over to the Beaver Lodge, then make a quick jaunt to DeGrassi High, and relax your mind in front of the TV watching Kids in the Hall, You Can't Do That On Television, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Tripping the Rift, and the other fine shows to come out of the Great White North.

It's Canada Day, a time to reflect on the wonder and greatness that is our neighbors to the north. Pop in an Ocean or Optimum dubbed series (either an anime masterpiece or an American series like X-Men) and give props to the fine actors who spent a lot of their time giving an English voice to popular shows.

Man, it'd be nice if Comedy Central reran the Conan O'Brien in Toronto episodes back to back in honor of this great day. Chug a Clearly Canadian and enjoy the day.

(Americans . . . our day is on Sunday, but a lot of fun is to be had on Monday around these parts).

In the meantime, check out Zannen, Canada, a site dedicated to create anime awareness in Canada. Canadian culture is nice and all, but to completely create a xenophobic atmosphere on the television screen is scary, and dangerous. See what Pepperidge is talking about and support the cause.

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