Jul 24, 2004

I Know A Site That'z Full of Rage! (or,Stop Using Z in the Place of S)

Well, not really, but I've got to get something off my chest.

You know, I've been online for a little over six years now, still with the same old machine (please send money, if you can). I also singlehandedly run a website, also for about six years. I have a reason for my mistakes, and I know that I make them often.

I'm only one person.

I make no excuses for my mistakes and delays on my site. There's a reason for everything. I'm human. I make errors. I sometimes slack off, which isn't always my fault (this week, I've been taking care of my sick mother, who had stomach problems). Still, I do end up working on my site.

And yet, there are some sites that are crammed with workers that claim to have workers at all times, and yet their professionalism and reputations are questionable. I've seen one site that has an alright selection of news items, unabashedly ripped from more professional outlets, and yet they claim that every site that finds their news must copyright the news item to this site (it's funny that they now understand the concept of the term copyright after using my site's earlier logo many years ago, confusing some folks that they were associated with my site), even though the site just reposted the news from another site rather than use real writing skills to make the story their own (this one site I'm talking about is copying interview questions from a FUNimation representative from the official Adult Swim forums, which are clearly owned by Cartoon Network [they're on the site that they own], thus, they're refusing to acknowledge somebody else's copyright when they're asking someone to acknowledge theirs). It's like they regurgitate the news verbatium without digesting what the story is or why it was written in the first place.

Also, I know that my copyright knowledge is limited at best, but I do know a little something about it. You can't copyright a site a year ahead of when you're posting the site, i.e. you can't copyright something for 2005 if the calendar year's still 2004, which it is for a few more months at least.

I don't know what to think about guys like that. I'm just one man who has a site with a few broken links (I'm working on it).

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