Oct 12, 2006

Scooby-Doo Makes Its Third Basic Cable Premiere

Let me get this straight.

About a year or so ago, Nickelodeon presented the basic cable premiere of the live-action Scooby-Doo movie. It got good ratings because, hey, not all kids have access to HBO. A few months later around the summer of 2006 up until around a couple of weekends ago, the movie was on rotation on the ultralame ABC Family Channel (aside from Kyle XY, which will return sometime this spring, they have nothing). It got so-so ratings because there was already a been-there-done-that atmosphere among the channelscape of kids.

Now, tomorrow, The Network presents the film based on a franchise that they showcased heavily on their channel from 1994 until about 2004 but wouldn't touch today with a 39 and a half-foot pole unless it was a movie version of it. Let it be reminded that the channel no longer wants to connect to the past that actually gave them much love in the animation community and this is a live-action movie on a cartoon network.

You know what? Frak this. I give up.

Screw The Network. I already can't defend anything they do anymore and to tell you the truth, The Network could further rot in hell for all I care. Primetime's a joke, Miguzi has an identity crisis, Toonami only has one truly watchable show, daytime's a joke, Tickle U bombed, Adult Swim's going to lose their old reliable in a couple of years and going to be exposed as a one-trick pony by the end of next year, and the management is so hellbent on transforming themselves into Nickelodeon 1998 and Disney Channel, a souless entity that is more interested in your pocketbooks and wallets than providing a truly watchable network. More power to them.

I can buy Naruto DVDs. There are other things worth my time because they don't want viewers like me around anymore.

I'm through talking about Cartoon Network. They're not going to change. They don't WANT to change. I can't force them to change. So screw them.

I'm going to Canada. Okay, I wish I could go to Canada, but if I got an offer to go there, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


ROBRAM89 said...

I'm amazed you've lasted this long. To paraphrase America: The Book, the netwrok has eaten itself, crapped itself out, and re-eaten its own self-crap.

jh said...

Tell me about it.

I mean, I was really rooting for them to get back right, but for every step forward they made, they also took four steps backwards. I think this obsession with Pokemon they have now is not only embarrassing, but it's also sad. I mean, gosh, don't these people know their animation history? Pokemon is the reason Kids' WB died (the resurrection of KWB, a Poke/YuGi-free block, has begun and seems to be doing fine), and now The Network is determined to place it all over the lineup and online outlets, including Toonami Jetstream, which was absolutely the last straw for many fans.

I'm almost nine years older than I was when I launched TXB. I'm tired of defending or even criticizing a network that refuses to make sense anymore. I can't do it anymore. It's almost making me physically ill to continue to do so, and that's what prompted me to say what I had to say. That quote you paraphrased makes a lot of sense.

Jorge Garrido said...

>I can't do it anymore. It's almost making me physically ill to continue to do so, and that's what prompted me to say what I had to say.

Here here. I went through the same things a year ago when I realized: there's no good shows on Cn anymore! Not one, i honestly can't think of one show, and it used to be my #1 favourite channel!

Pokemon is DEAD. Pokemon was HUGELY popular wiht MU generation, kids born aroudn 1989, and it DIED whn I was entering 5th grade, BEFORE THE GOLD AND SILVER ERA. I'm now in 12 grade, so t is dead and buried. That's when it stopped being cool and that's when everyone stopped liking it. Why try to bring it back now?!!?