Jun 27, 2007

Purging The Cable Infection

I haven't had cable in two months, and I have mixed emotions about it.

I miss the variety cable has to offer as well as a clearer signal of broadcast television. However, in the absence of cable, I've realized one strange fact.

Cable is very toxic.

I'm not being metaphotical either. Cable television often made me physically ill, and I didn't realize it until it was gone.

Cable news is the worse offenders and the most toxic element of cable television. Fox News is so one sided when it comes to their primetime lineup and certain news stories as well as having obnoxious, arrogant, smug personalities shouting at and talking on top of their guests, even cutting off their mikes mid-interview, and the other three major cable news channels wanted to emulate them. Headline News has this guy that is so xenophobic, sexist, and racist anchoring the night followed by a woman who lacks grace when it comes to . . . anything. MSNBC and CNN are no better. They put emphasis on turning certain local murder stories national, especially if it involves young, Caucasian females. Then again, broadcast news tend to do the same thing, which is utterly disappointing.

That's probably why I tend to phase out on news broadcast, relying on the internet print rather than video.

Also, Cartoon Network has become toxic to me. Anybody who read my regular site or see my posts at Toon Zone probably realized that. In the two months without cable, I've become somewhat relaxed. Stress levels and blood pressure are way down, which is kind of shocking. Think I lost some weight as well. Maybe it's just utter disappointment in them that caused me to lose faith in them. I have gotten to the point that even talking about Cartoon Network made me violently ill. But now, I just have a little indigestion when I do talk about them.

I know I haven't spoke kindly on broadcast television, but that's because they don't really live up to their potential. In the months that I didn't have cable, I've realized that broadcast television has completely given up on Saturday nights and rely way too much on courtroom dramas, paternity/cheating situations, and advice gurus. Broadcast television should be more than that. That's probably why I like cable more than television.

It's toxic and probably killing me, but I kind of miss it. Some things I don't miss, but the good things I certainly do.


Melon which rhymes with said...

Television in general can be quite toxic. When my tv broke for two weeks, I started to read more and actually heard animals in the backyard lol.

When you turn something off that constantly bombards you with visual information, it can be quite relaxing and creatively freeing. Although....I'll still have cable for Avatar:P

British Geezer said...

British cable is so much worse. You get basic channels with it, but instead of buying packages to get the good channels, you have to subscribe to this service called "Top-Up TV." All the channels on Top-Up TV timeshare as well, which is very annoying.