Jul 2, 2007

Happy Canada Day (observed)

Although yesterday was the actual day of celebrating the greatness that is Canada, today is the official observation date.

Oh, Canada. A beautiful country filled with creative minds, diverse viewpoints, and talented individuals. The home of YTV and Teletoon, not to mention several of my favorite animation studios like Nelvana, Mainframe, and Nerd Corps. Americans don't really give Canada its due, which is unfortunate.

So, on this day of days, celebrate the greatness that is Canada. Check out Storm Hawks on Cartoon Network. Go to iTunes and pick up a few tunes from Alanis, Nickelback, Avril, and Barenaked Ladies. Buy a couple of ReBoot titles if you can find them (or at least check out the awesome Art of ReBoot book in a bookstore near you). Watch a few episodes of Kids in the Hall, You Can't Do That on Television, DeGrassi, Eek! The Cat, DaVinci's Inquest, and Ed, Edd, and Eddy if you can.

Or check this out, a third of an episode of Class of the Titans straight from the show's official YouTube page (you can catch the remaining 2/3s there later). Class of the Titans. Interesting and fun show that, for the life of me, isn't on in the States in any form. Season two's coming up this fall, more than a year after the last season was completed. They take their time and much pride in their show.


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