Jun 11, 2009

An Appropriate Cartoon For Tomorrow's Milestone

In case you've been living in a cave for the past few years, tomorrow (June 12) marks the day the United States enters the digital television age. Television as we have known it since forever will change. If you have cable or satellite, you won't notice the change. If you rely on antennas (antennae?), well, I hope you have either a digital-ready set or a digital converter box to watch the new crystal clear era of television.

I have to admit that aside from my PBS and ION affiliates, I'm not getting the additional channels as promised by the ads. Universal Sports, RTN, ThisTV, and Funimation sound pretty sweet. Then again, as the following short from Tex Avery will show you, the television of tomorrow was supposed to have many changes, though Tex and company were right on the money on a few of the predictions.

Enjoy this MGM classic, The TV of Tomorrow:

Postscript: I'm not infringing on the copyrights of Turner Entertainment, owners of this short, but considering they aren't airing it in any capacity in the US nor planning on releasing it to the DVD market any time soon, I'm presenting this short under Fair Use guidelines under US Code Title 17
§ 107 , showcasing an historical commentary on the state of the then-new television industry for critical and educational purposes. Now, watch the cartoon.

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