Jun 8, 2009

Quick Waves #1

Over the next few weeks, I'm presenting Quick Waves, where I talk about a few spurts of thought that come to mind that I would talk about at length, but since I'm in the middle of totally revamping The X Bridge (it's not just a facelift, cats and kittens), I could only write small bytes. Here comes something:

- How come I didn't know that Elmore Leonard wrote a CHILDREN'S book? The guy behind Out of Sight, Rum Punch, Get Shorty, 52 Pickup, 3:10 To Yuma, and countless novels wrote A Coyote's In The House, a great story about a ravenous yet slick coyote named Antwan and a pampered, retired German shepherd actor named Buddy, who decide to switch lives. A pretty damned good book at any age (and probably the first published instance of the correct use of the word "bitch," a female canine), so pick it up. And this seems like something that could easily translate to animation. The old Disney, before they got preoccupied with teen sexpots and computer animated pablum from The Almighty Lamp, would have really snatched up for adaptation as an animated film. Nowadays, they'd probably take it and make it into one of those live-action talking animal fests ala Beverly Hills Chihuahua or G-Force, and that's something we don't need. Speaking of G-Force . . .

- Hey, Disney. About that G-Force movie . . . no. Just . . . no. The name alone evokes memories in my generation of another franchise which, coincidentally, is also in development as a major motion picture (an animated one at that with a script from noted animation scribe Paul Dini). I'm sure there were folks at Disney familiar with the name and its association with another property. Then again, they claimed that they didn't know about a story about a young lion cub who grows up to become the king of the savanna when they created their story about a young lion cub who grows up to become the king of the savanna.

- Strange realization. The plot of Spy Kids and The Incredibles are very, very similar. Both parents used to live alternative lives (spies and superheroes) and pretty much live seemingly normal suburban lives rarely expressing their past lives to their children, a girl and her younger brother. The father secretly goes on missions and finds himself missing (in Spy Kids, the mother also participates and gets kidnapped as well). The kids (along with their mother in The Incredibles) go on a mission largely unprepared for what awaits them and learn to work together rather than against each other. In the end, they are all reunited and realize that families that work together are stronger than anything the world throws at them. Yeah, it's probably a coincidence, and I'm not accusing the Almighty Lamp of swiping anything from Spy Kids (though Spy Kids had been written back in the mid-90s and in production beginning in 1999). It just happens to be a happy coincidence. Plus, a lot of the early reviews pretty much called The Incredibles "Spy Kids mixed with the Fantastic Four."

- A lot of graduations are happening now, so to those of the class of 2009, congratulations . . . now, find your place in the world and enjoy this life. Never stop learning because new things happen every day, and you're not as smart as you think. Don't let people tell you you can't or it's impossible, because you can and it is possible. Understand there will be moments of doubt and fear, but also understand that too will pass. Eat a slice of pie at least once a week, the world's most perfect dessert. Take and heed the advice of those that came before you and then give it back to those that will come after you. Create something everyday. Relax, but don't be lazy. Work, but don't extend yourself too much. Chew gum, preferably bubble gum. Love this life, it's the only one you've got. Don't fall into trends; they're not forever. Last, but not least, never forget who you are, where you came from, and the people who created half of what you've become; you're on a path to completing and presenting yourself to the world.

The rest of you guys and gals should heed that advice as well.

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E.A. said...

Definitely agreed about G-Force.

Now let me put a sock in it before I go off on a tangent and can't stop myself.