Jun 28, 2004

G4techTV Is Still Trapped at E3

Wasn't E3 almost two months ago now?

I'm sure it was, but if you only watched G4TECHTV, sorry, G4techTV, you'd think that E3 was just last week. And you'd be thinking this every week. Geez, how long will this amalgamated mess of a network take to actually create more new (or fairly new) episodes of their shows? Granted the TechTV side of the programming, for the most part, has been pretty fresh. Screen Savers, X Play, and Unscrewed have been new most of the time. The dominant G4 programming, which makes up primetime and most of the afternoon lineup, has been reruning the same old shows.

Icons is probably the best show from the G4 side of the programming, and I kind of dig Cheats, Filter, and Pulse (which should be revamped to cover tech news ala TechLive as well as video games). The rest of the G4 castoffs seem like video game shows if MTV made them (definitely not a compliment). I'm still trying to fantom how an okay video game musician has enough credentials to consider himself a game critic (speaking of which, aren't Judgement Day and Electric Playground the same show?). Anyway, these overly repeated shows just show their age everytime they're on. At least with the TechTV shows, the reruns at least feel recent. And they're entertaining.

Maybe they'll get better when they get their act together by the fall.

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