Jun 28, 2004

More Classic Animation Gone From CN

Nobody gets Boomerang. It's probably the most requested cable network on cable, but apparently cable outlets know what the network is all about.

Cartoon Network wants more people to ask for Boomerang. How? They've been removing classic cartoon titles from the lineup. First to leave the network were the Hanna-Barbera titles. Second, the non-Tom and Jerry MGM titles from regular rotation. Then, the pre-48 WB shorts, which had been a prominent part of the network's lineup since day one. Then, a good chunk of the post-48 WB titles. Finally, on July 5, Cartoon Network is removing the lone classic animation showcase at a decent timeslot, Tom and Jerry.

Naturally, fans of classic animation are, to say the least, a bit upset. And why dhouldn't they? Afterall, the network has dropped 90 minutes of Tom and Jerry for an early morning airing of Totally Spies (which is already on for an hour each day) and an extra hour of Camp Cartoon Network (great, just what we needed, more reruns of Ed, Edd, and Eddy on Mondays). The thing is there is only one reason Cartoon Network would even fantom dropping Tom and Jerry, which had recently started airing shorts in chronological order.

They want more people to get Boomerang. That's what it all comes down to. They've recently added additional commercials plugging the network a week ago, and this recent programming decision just proves that they're really anxious to put the network onmore cable outlets. A similar tactic worked before when Turner dropped animation from both TBS and TNT to get folks to contact their cable operators to get Cartoon Network. Now, they're just dropping classic shows and shorts to get people to bug their cable and satellite companies to get Boomerang (I know Boomerang is on Dish, but is it on DirecTV?).

Of course it'd be nice if they actually made Boomerang watchable in the first place by removing the eight-hour rotating lineups in favor of something similar to, oh, Cartoon Network circa 1995, before the blocks, original cartoons, and other hubris, but that's another story.


Melon which rhymes with said...

Great comment Jeff!
I miss the old Cartoon Network with Toon Heads.
Ah Toon Heads which first showed me political cartoons.
I think ever since Turner left nothing has been the same.

I always appreciate your opinions on the news and dedication to everything animation. ^^

Anonymous said...

Boomerang is in fact on DirecTV, although it's part of a premium package of channels (only $2 or $3 extra a month, though.) I have it and it's well worth the money, although it is annoying that I have to pay extra to watch this stuff at all. It seems like Cartoon Network is going through the exact same transformation that the Disney Channel did a few years ago, although at least CN is able to show their old stuff somewhere.