Jun 28, 2004


You may know me from my other website, the action-oriented portal, The X Bridge. Or maybe you've seen me lurking around the various forums at Toon Zone.

Or maybe you remember me from the olden days on Usenet.

My name is Jeff Harris. Welcome to Thoughtnami. Why Thoughtnami? This is the place outside of my site where I can post opinions about everything else that comes to mind. There's a lot of things floating around, and this site is totally a freereign site where nothing is off limits, except maybe religion (I'm religious, but not preachy) and politics (both sides have their flaws). I can dive into things that won't get my hosts in trouble and deviate what TXB is all about. I'll talk a lot about animation around here, basically the stuff I won't cover at my regular site. Guess this means I can talk live-action as well. I'll open up about a little more things as we venture further with this endeavor.

This experience is new to me, so I'm going to have fun with for the time being.

Venture into the animated opinions of Thoughtnami. Leave all inhibitions at the door.

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