Aug 10, 2004

Preschool Instead of Classics?!? What Are They Thinking?

It may come to no surprise that in many outlets today, including WSJ and the AJC, that Cartoon Network are going to add a preschool-oriented block (presumably commercial-free) to their daytime lineup this fall. One of the shows, surprisingly the latest DC Comics-based property Krypto, had already been announced earlier in the year, and it's likely that a lot more shows, new shows from Warner Bros and some of their preschool-friendly shows like Pecola, Sitting Ducks, and hopefully Hamtaro will be a part of it. Of course they could be smart and bring their older Small World property to weekdays, but, as the cute-voiced announcer reminds us everyday, this is Cartoon Network.

This related byte also got on my nerves. They say that if the preschool block does well, Cartoon Network might turn Boomerang into a preschool network.

Let's see, how should I react to that? Oh yeah!

No. No. No. No. No. No. NO!!!!

Boomerang is this country's first and, unfortunately only showcase to older animation properties. The network is popular amongst those that actually have it, but the thing is that the programming grid for the network is atrocious. A thrice-daily rotation of eight-hours of programming is not the way to create a classic-animation network nor properly utilize the massive library they have on hand. I would go into detail on how I would improve Boomerang, but that'll be for another post.

I'm mad that Cartoon Network would even consider replacing Boomerang with a preschool-oriented network. It's like they're admitting that the creation of Boomerang was a mistake and that the preschool audience would be one they could market to cable operators a little easier. Let's be honest. Cable operators are still of the school that animation is just for kids, so the need for a classic animation network for older audiences isn't really there for them the way they need a classic television network and a classic movie network (while we're on that topic, couldn't Boomerang actually keep the shows and shorts the way they were intended to be seen, uncut and uncensored, political correctness be damned?).

The fact that CN execs would even admit a plan to convert Boomerang leads me to believe that they already have a plan in place. I personally can't see how a preschool network would even bring in an audience, but then again, I don't have any preschool-aged kids. I don't have any kids, but I have to find a girlfriend to make a wife before that even happens. Maybe they're trying to fill a void that can't be seen on Nick Jr., Playhouse Disney, TLC's Ready Set Learn, PBS Kids, PBS, and Comcast's upcoming preschool network. They'll succeed with the block, but do they really need to make a preschool network?

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