Aug 3, 2004

Quick Question

If G4techTV has a show called and an awards show called GPhoria as well as continuing to show reruns with the G4 logo (still telling folks to go to the old G4 domain) and new episodes of shows still using G4 microphones as well as continues to show the G4 logo whenever possible and naming the entire production company responsible for all shows on the network G4 Media, is the network really called G4techTV?

If it is, they really need to either be unified as a true combined network or, dare I say, create a brand new name for the network.

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Tyrell said...

Of course the could merge the two networks properly, but G4 sucks to such an extent that comcast is probably just waiting for it to die out. I even assume that they bought tech tv out so that they would be killing the competition along with themselves.
I am a little surprised that people even watch the network; their info is months behind what you can find on the internet for free and on a daily basis. G4Techtv is not a major news source or even an interesting channel. It is pretty much a poorly run and never updated fansite. It just sucks.

Also "Crest of the Stars" and its numerous sequels are really dull, but interesting to watch at the same time, which makes the channel suck even more.