May 4, 2006

Clang Clang *head explodes*

It's 10:44 PM in the East when I started writing this.

I'm watching Sci-Fi Channel.

I'm not watching science fiction.

I'm watching Law and Order: SVU.

Okay, call me crazy, but when did SVU become classified as a science-fiction, horror, or fantasy series, the three typical genres I tend to feel belong on Sci-Fi.

It's not. I like SVU, but I'd like to see it on USA and NBC, where they belong, not Sci-Fi.

At least Sci-Fi's smart enough to focus on the more horrific serial killer episodes rather than the regular ones. And hopefully, it's just one night only as the ad I just saw suggests.

And for all you people complaining about Passions seen on Sci-Fi, stuff it. At least Passions has fantasy elements like witchcraft, spiritual themes, and other oddities. Hell, they just brought back the fantasy elements on the NBC episodes recently with the introduction of mermaids and the current Vendetta plot with all the paranormal elements seen in things like um, that upcoming movie about the biblical code in the DaVinci paintings or something. Never read the book.

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