May 2, 2006

Today's Fox Trot Gets It

Ladies and gentlemen. This is why Bill Amend is one of the greatest comic strip writers/artists around today. He gets it. Of course, Mr. Amend is always ahead of the mass media when it comes to covering stuff those late to the party haven't found out about yet. The iMac. Wikipedia. TechTV. Now Cartoon Network not showing cartoons (and even skewering cable news "talk shows" to boot). Well played, Mr. Amend. Well played.

By the way, this is the first time I posted an image on Blogger. Pretty cool, eh?


Melon which rhymes with said...

Foxtrot does deal with pop and geek culture very well. I can't eait until he comments on Nintendo's Wii.

Yay! First image.....

Maybe this will lead to perhaps Jeff's sketches. (nudge)

Keith Gallistel said...

It isn't that Foxtrot gets it, but if the dumb@$$ executives at WB incorporated get it.