Oct 6, 2007

It's Hot

It was unbearably hot today. Almost sticky hot. Remainder of the week likely to be just as hot.

Today's weather got me to thinking . . . isn't Christmas and the holiday season just a mere two months away? I know it is because, it is October, and stores are already stocking Christmas products in the stores. Lights, stockings, wrapping paper, garland, wreaths. They're in stores right now. Thought that people were supposed to be "declaring a war on Christmas." At least, that's what I heard from egotistical, smug folks on talk radio.

Something I urge you not to do. Listen to talk radio.

Speaking of people talking and yet saying nothing, why do people with webpages still post under pseudonyms? Are they ashamed of who they are or are they just afraid to reveal themselves? I know I was guilty of hiding behind a comic book character's name for a number of years online, at least on forums. Of course, nowadays, I post freely. I'm proud of what I write, for the most part. And I refuse to hide myself anymore. If you're afraid to reveal yourself, why bother even writing? Do you think people will think less of you if you say who you are?

Or do they hide because they could just write blatant lies and libel about others?

I know this guy who keeps on referring to me as the antichrist and the people I associate myself with as evil folks who ruined animation, wants to take over Cartoon Network, uncreative, don't know anybody in the animation industry, and just not to be trusted. I can't speak for my friends (though I can say my friend Brian doesn't work for Nickelodeon), but I can speak for myself. I'm not in any power to ruin anything. I want nothing to do with Cartoon Network or any other network or company for that matter. I'm creative, but I've been doing things offline (I've been doing commissions for design work and paintings; right now, I'm sketching for a painting of the Rapture for this church). My online comic work will be revealed in full in the spring. I know plenty of people in the industry, both the creative side and the business side and have their e-mail addresses in my address book (my real world one, not a digital book), and people know of me and my work (check out some comments around these pages sometimes. I think I could be trusted. People trust me.

I haven't hid behind an anonymous name in my writings for years. I don't need to. I think any real professional would do likewise. Unless you're afraid.

If people like me, they like me. If they don't, they don't. They say if you're hated though, people are somewhat envious of you. If you're not hated, then you're not doing scat.

In the meantime, I'm going to grab something to drink. It's still hot.


Melon which rhymes with said...

You must post a pic of your painting when you are finished.

Nelson C. Woodstock said...

You think you have problems with TV? Heck, I could start a whole site about my issues with radio. Instead, I'm developing a paranormal comic book story around it.

The only talk radio anyone should listen to is anything not political. Bunch of angry white people telling you what opinions to have. I really am amazed at the amount of idiots who turn on their AM dial and hope for the truth to fall in their lap, when talk radio is the LAST place to go to find the answers.