Oct 9, 2007

Six Things I Miss About Cable

I haven't had cable for six months now, but strangely, I'm not missing it. No extra-high bill for limited programming choices. No clatter of talking heads talking about nothing. And best of all, no dents in my walls from the idiotic changes at . . . you know where.

However, in the light of tonight's season premiere of The Boondocks on Adult Swim tonight, I feel that I need to talk about the things I do miss about cable, in no particular order:

- Adult Swim: Well, there's a stretch. Adult animation with humor and action. Uncut Family Guy (compared to the abomination in syndication right now, ugh), Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken, The Boondocks, Frisky Dingo, and others made my week complete.

- Doctor Who on Sci-Fi and Torchwood on BBC America: I missed the entire third season of the Doctor's adventures through time and dimensions and the first season of the raunchier, darker spinoff on BBC America.

- USA Network's original programs: Monk, Psych, The 4400, and The Dead Zone. I missed them all.

- Good Eats: The best cooking show on television. Period.

- BBC America: I actually heard a rumor that, including Torchwood, BBC America has actually gotten better in recent years. I haven't had digital cable since June 2006, so I couldn't witness the metamorphosis first hand. But from what I read, whoa!

- Avatar: Nick's best show just started Book Three a couple of weeks ago, and considering the saga last season was, I'm missing this series most of all.

That's all I miss. Fortunately, I could find those shows on DVD in the coming months. Yeah, it'll cost more, but hey, no commercials nor interrupting graphics during the series.


Melon which rhymes with said...

BBC America is great. I especially like Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and Top Gear.

If you need to catch up on Avatar and have a pretty good connection, Nick has all the season 3 episodes on it's TurboNick site.

Press the Buzz button then press the button of Katara.

I'm an avatar freak. I mainly look at this site:

use Netflix to save on dvd costs...although I already bought the Book 2 set. :p

Sean DL said...

Yeah, BBCAmerica changed alot, thanks to one show, Hex. Not that Hex was all that, it was what they promoted(via billboards on buses) and actualyl got them ratings.

Andrew said...

I noticed you didn't say you miss Toonami. Yeah... I can understand that but I'm really happy I can finally enjoy watching One Piece in my native language.

Nelson C. Woodstock said...

Turbonick and Adult Swim Video solve two of those. And BBC America has gotten better. They just need to stream online like the BBC.