Oct 5, 2007

To The CW: Sucker!

Remember that Looney Tunes cartoon with a mouse tormenting this cat throughout it, and the mouse kept on calling the cat "Sucker!"? Well, I'm going to reenact a scene, sort of.

Playing the role of the cat, The CW Television Network, who handed over control to their lucrative Saturday morning block to a competitor, 4Kids Entertainment, who is, again for the uninitiated, THE WORST ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY ON THE PLANET.

And playing the role of the mouse, moi.

Say, "cat," have you seen the latest ratings reports? Yeah, I know, ratings are a generally a joke, but this week, the joke's on you.

Presenting, this weekend's ratings for ages 6 - 11.

Kids' WB vs. 4KidsTV

8 AM (all times Eastern):
KWB: Tom and Jerry Tales 1.4/7
4KT: Adrenaline Project 0.4/4

8:30 AM:
KWB: Tom and Jerry Tales 1.8/8
4KT: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 0.7/3

9 AM:
KWB: Skunk Fu! 1.6/7
4KT: Chaotic 1.2/5

9:30 AM:
KWB: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get A Clue - 1.6/7
4KT: Fast Forward - 1.3/6

10 AM:
KWB: Eon Kid - 1.6/7
4KT: Fast Forward - 1.5/6

10:30 AM:
KWB: Johnny Test - 1.5/7
4KT: Dinosaur King - 1.6/7

11 AM:
KWB: Legion of Super Heroes - 1.7/9
4KT: Viva Pinata - 1.1/5

11:30 AM:
KWB: The Batman - 1.3/7
4KT: Sonic X - 1.1/5

As you can see, in direct competition, Kids' WB beats 4KidsTV 7-1, with their highest rated show being Tom and Jerry Tales. Yes, their highest rated show comes on at 8:30 AM. And number two's Legion of Super Heroes.

Oh, but none of that matters. Even though Kids' WB regularly beats 4KidsTV week after week, they pretty much threw in the towel declaring 4KidsTV the winner.


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